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Why Are Chinese Take Out Boxes So Popular?

The Chinese take out boxes are also known by the names of oyster pails, the paper pails, or simply the Chinese take out boxes. These uniquely shaped boxes were previously used to carry the oysters and that is why they were originally known as the oyster pails. However, these boxes today have a huge range of applications and they are among the most multi purpose boxes in the packaging industry.

Although their uses are not limited only to the food, however, the Chinese take out boxes are most commonly seen around the globe at the restaurants, food stalls, popular food chains, and other similar places. There are a few very important factors which make the Chinese take out boxes the most popular boxes in the food packaging industry.

Let us have a look at the reasons behind the popularity of Chinese takeout boxes and their uses along with the customization options available in these boxes. 

What Makes the Chinese Takeout Boxes So Popular?

The most prominent reason behind the popularity of Chinese take out boxes is their unique structure. It is not only about the uniqueness in the structure of these boxes, but also the fact that it is very practical. In short, the Chinese take out boxes have a shape which is not only attractive but also feasible.

These boxes are made using the origami flaps, which overlap with each other. These flaps close together tightly and provide a secure and mostly a leak proof box. The flaps are most commonly glued together for added safety. 

At the base, the box is narrower and it gradually becomes broader as we move up resulting in a fairly large container. And then at the top, the flaps close tightly together by overlapping and interlocking with each other. Moreover, in most cases these pails have a steel handle at the top for convenience of carrying. However, this handle is optional.

Besides, the most stunning feature about the Chinese take out boxes is that they can be made into disposable plates. Just push back the glued parts and you get a flat plate. Hence there is no need to dig out your food from the pail. 

Chinese Takeout Boxes as the Most Popular Food Boxes

There are some specific factors about the structure of Chinese take out boxes which makes them one of the most suited types of food packaging boxes globally. 

These oyster pails are among the most favourites of the restaurant and food chains around the globe. One of the reasons behind this popularity is that the Chinese take out boxes provide a fairly large container for the food. These boxes are large enough to carry a complete meal for a person or two.

Moreover, the Chinese take out boxes are secure to carry the food because they are almost totally leakproof. Hence, some food chains even use these boxes to carry the semi liquid foods as well. However, the most popular usage of the Chinese take out boxes is for carrying such foods as rice and noodles. 

Moreover, a handle at the top helps make the Chinese take out boxes more portable. The fact that these boxes can be easily converted into flat, portable plates make them a practice option to use for picnics where you want to carry as few utensils as possible. 

Another reason why these boxes are very popular as food boxes is that they are food safe. These are mostly made with the material which is completely food safe, hygienic and does not contaminate the food. The Chinese take out boxes are made with the BPA free material. Hence they can be securely used to carry the food without a fear of getting it contaminated. 

The Chinese Takeout Boxes are Customizable

The Chinese take out boxe can be customized just like any other packaging box. These can be made in different sizes and they can carry the logo of the company and its specific graphics. These boxes are printed in almost every color and you are free to pick the color scheme according to your liking.

Besides, you have various options when it comes to the handle of Chinese take out boxe. The general trend is to use the steel handles, but you can go for any sort of handles according to your own preferences as the chinese takeout boxe wholesale providers do offer a huge range of options.

Moreover, the additional printing options can be used on the Chinese take out boxe. For example, you can go for embossing, debossing, spot UV and gold, or silver foiling.

Similarly, these boxes also support all kinds of final coating or finishing options. They can be finished in a coating of your choice for additional protection to the printed stuff and for a professional outlook.

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