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What You Need To Know About Your New MacBook

Do you want to switch from Windows to MacBook? You may think it is difficult to access a MacBook. But, not it is! In fact, they are generally easier to use than Windows PCs. 

But, if you have never used a MacBook before, it may be difficult for you to become accustomed to iOS. 

However, it is a very common issue for those who switch their preference from Windows to MacBook. Therefore, this article will be worth reading for those who want to learn everything about the MacBook. 

So, keep reading this article until the end to find your way around the start menu to activity monitor.

Let’s Learn Everything About Macbook

Microsoft Windows has dominated the computer and operating system market for decades. But, in the past few years, MacBook has come into the local market. It holds more than 87% of the all over the market. 

Many Windows users eventually buy Macks; when they do, they will notice some differences. Scroll down.

1. Hardware That Apple Itself Makes

Microsoft allows Windows to make computers and sells them to individuals. So, it does mean that numerous companies make the hardware. 

Apple does not do this. They don’t sell macOS to anyone. Apple makes its hardware itself. However, it has a plus point. Here the compatibility problem is less than with Windows PCs.

2. Operating System Is Different

Apple computers have different operating systems. It is called macOS. Which is also called Mac OS X. it’s based on Unix, different from windows. So when you access Apple computers, it may feel like you are starting a new job. 

You may face some issues in finding everything and understanding the accessibility.  

3. Vanish Start Menu

As we said, it is different from Microsoft PCs. If you use Windows software, you have access to many of the features of your computer through the start menu. 

You can open that menu by using the keyboard or Windows key. But, the variation is that there is no start menu in macOS. As a result, everything is not organized in the start menu. 

You don’t have anything like a Windows key in an Apple computer. And it is obvious because manufacturers are different. So in this case, you must learn everything about macOS to access it. 

4. Shortcut Is Not Same As Windows

Those coming from Windows software used the Ctrl key to copy and paste anything. In Microsoft PCs, many shortcuts are done by the Ctrl key, but for macOS, it is different.

For the MacBook, it is all about the command key(Cmd). Here the Option (Opt) key is an alternative to Alt

Even the deletion process is different. Well, how to delete multiple messages on mac? It is easy; just select the messages you want to delete, including text, images, Gifs, videos, audio, or emoji in the transcript, then go for the option Delete.

To delete all messages within a conversation: select edit>clear Transcript. 

There Is Something Are Similar To Windows

Do you know what the similarities are between Windows and macOS? Besides the big difference, you can open anything on macOS by double-clicking on them; you can also click and drag things into folders.  

And, you’ll have a trash bin for deleted items, just like Windows. Hence, this article will focus on the difference you must learn to use macOS. So, read below. 

1. Menu Bar

Do you know where the menu bar is placed? You’ll find a macOS menu bar at the left top of the screen. However, it depends on which app you’re currently using. For example, suppose you are using safari; you’ll see settings and options for safari. 

In the top left corner, you’ll see an Apple icon that remains in the same place, no matter what app you use. 

On the other hand, at the right side of the menu bar, you’ll get a notification area where time, wifi, and date are included. 

2. The App Store

macOS comes with its App store, like the iPhone. The big thing is that you don’t have to use it. Every essential application is downloaded previously on macOS. 

However, you can download any application from anywhere. The best advantage is that Apple can control the application on the app store. It has a low chance of getting malware contained. 

Here, Apple assures you that they store certified and genuine applications in the App store. 

3. System Preference

It is basically like the Windows Control Panel. Here, you can control Mac functions and system settings. 

You’ll get system preferences in different ways. You can change the setting, including network, displays, Bluetooth, printers, and more. 

Be aware while changing anything; be sure you know what it does. 

4. Activity Monitor

What is an Activity Monitor? It is like a task manager for Windows software. You ’l get many functions that are quite similar to Windows. 

You can find “Activity Monitor” under Applications>Utilities. By using the spotlight, you can also open it. 

You’ll see CPU, disk, memory, network, and energy use. You can do everything in the activity monitor as a task manager. 

It is useful when you’re having problems with any applications in macOS. 

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Final Words

People think that macOS is difficult to use. But the fact is the Apple MacBook is also easy to use. You just need to learn some functions and settings that can help you get accustomed to macOS. 

When you first used Microsoft, it may be difficult for you to understand. The MacBook is like that. Just take another software and open your mind to learn everything about the MacBook. 

Hence, this article can’t cover everything. If you wish to know about the setting program of macOS, please let us know in the comment section. We’ll be there to reconnect with you. 

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