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Uses of React Native and React JS in Development


React Native and React JS are two prominent app development technologies. With an added word, the names appear to be similar. As a result, it’s normal to become perplexed at first look. However, Facebook created React and React Native and has quickly earned a large fan base. React is sometimes known as ReactJs, a JavaScript library for developing single-page web apps. Furthermore, React Native is a mobile app development framework based on React JS. Thus, in this article, we will explore the use cases of both frameworks.

React Native: Meaning

React Native is a mobile development library for native platforms. Also, it is an open-source JavaScript-based framework built by Facebook to suit its expanding demand for the mobile requirement. Moreover, React Native is a hybrid mobile app framework that allows you to create mobile apps from a single codebase. Also, this JavaScript framework enables you to develop mobile apps that run natively on platforms such as iOS and Android. Thus, to learn more about this framework, we suggest you enroll in the React Native Training Institute in Noida. Such training will make you competent in this domain and make you stand out from the crowd.

Uses of React Native

The following are the famous applications that came to light using React Native:

● Facebook

React Native began as a hackathon project in response to the company’s demands. However, Facebook sought to bring all of the benefits of web development to mobile, such as

  1. Quick iterations
  2. Having a single team create the entire product

That is how React Native came to be and how you currently use it in mobile app development for iOS and Android apps. Usage of the application using React Native demonstrates a performance improvement, which implies that the application s quick and fast.

● Walmart

Walmart has already demonstrated its inventive spirit by including Node.js in its technological stack. They also rebuilt their mobile app to React Native a few years later. However, Walmart has large goals, including becoming the world’s largest internet store. With such aims, the corporation needed to undertake risky steps to achieve a competitive advantage.

That is why they are looking for ways to improve the consumer experience by experimenting with new technology. As a result, React Native has excellent performance, close to that of native apps, and exceptionally fluid animations.

● Bloomberg

Bloomberg’s new consumer mobile application for iOS and Android provides clients with a simplified, interactive experience that includes easy-to-access tailored information, videos, and live feeds from Bloomberg Media.

However, the engineering team at Bloomberg’s New York City created this app utilizing React Native app technology. This primary tool delivers on the promise of cross-platform native app development. Also, React Native has excellent performance, is close to native apps, and has exceptionally fluid animations.

React: Meaning

React is also called as React JS or React.js. React is a JavaScript library you can use to create user interfaces. It is often mistook as a tool, framework, or language. React vendors can construct huge web apps that employ data that changes over time without refreshing the page. Its main purpose is to be quick, simple, and scalable. In apps, React merely handles the user interface. Also, it’s a JavaScript runtime. It is a lightweight, quick, and contemporary method of running code on your computer. Looking at the robust applications, if you desire to have a career working on this technology, we suggest you enroll in training from the React JS Training Institute in Noida.

Uses of React

Following are the applications that came to light using React JS or only React:

● Instagram

Instagram makes extensive use of ReactJS. The various features, such as geolocations, Google Maps APIs, search engine accuracy, and tags that appear without hashtags, are a testament to this framework. It’s all in the app’s API and is astounding. Moreover, Instagram depends on ReactJS technology. This allows users to adapt to its outstanding features.

● Netflix

The React version also fits well with Netflix, notably on their Gibbon platform. You can use this tool for low-performance TV devices rather than the DOM used in web browsers. Moreover, Netflix released an official blog article outlining how the ReactJS framework improves startup speed, runtime performance, modularity, and other benefits.

● WhatsApp

Although there were multiple beta versions of Whatsapp, it leverages ReactJS for developing Facebook user interfaces, and Underscore.js and Velocity.js as some of its most efficient engines. Recently, the all-new WhatsApp Web app, like the previously stated Facebook web experience, has also been employing React.

● Codeacademy

Codecademy has decided to integrate Facebook’s library. Thus, ReactJS was a component of it, and it is still one of the major scripts on which the program depends.

However, Codeacademy uses ReactJS throughout, from the header to the menu and even the navigation.


To conclude, we have compiled the significant uses of React Native and JS in this detailed article. Both frameworks have their features and employ different functionality. Also, you can choose these frameworks as per your business needs.

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