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Things you Should Know Before Owning a Sheepadoodle

If you don’t already know much about Sheepadoodle and intend to purchase one or two of this breed, there are some important things you should know about them. A Sheepadood lestrain began from a cross between a standard poodle and a German sheepherder dog.

This mixture births the gorgeous Sheepadoodle. The mixture varies from each puppy based on which of their parents they resemble. You never really know for sure what to anticipate, but you’d surely get a cute puppy dog .

Sheepadoodle puppies nc are quite friendly and are great for families. They share the love bond with the family and literally can’t stay away. If you need an obedient, loving, energetic, and kind dog, then the Sheepadoodle is the right pick for you. Another convenient reason you should get a Sheepadoodle is that they shed very small amounts of hair, so they are perfect as indoor dogs and won’t leave a trail of hair around the house.

This breed of dogs came to the limelight when famous skaters; Fedor Andreev and partner Meryl Davis showed off their shepadoodle on social media. Shepadoodles are not pure breeds and are hypoallergic. However, they are highly valuable and quite expensive.

They mostly inherit the best genes of both parents and turn out remarkable. Naturally, this unique breed was identified as a pooch or poodle, but in 1992, ‘doodle’ was added as a suffix to the name.

 Brief History of Sheepadoodle

It will interest you to know that poodles were quite famous amongst the upper-class and influential ladies in the past. This was mostly due to their cute, small and lightweight nature as they were easy to carry around. The US army originally bred them in the 1960s, and they were trying to create a dog that shed less hair and was also intelligent.

Sheepadoodle are referred to as designer dogs which means they are a man-made mixture of two different breeds. Due to their popularity, dog breeders have experimented with crossbreeding and finally created a successful cross between a poodle and a German shepherd, thereby birthing the name ‘Sheepadoodle.’

There are various Sheepadoodle, including the standard Sheepadoodle and the miniature/micro Sheepadoodle. The American Canines Hybrid club recognizes Sheepadoodle. However, they haven’t been recognized by the American Kennel Club.

Imagine having a doggy that comes from a poodle and a German sheepherder? And best believe they inherit all the amazing traits of each parent. Thanks to their low shedding, if you have mild allergies but still have much love for dogs, then a Sheepadoodle is right for you.

Things to expect from a Sheepadoodle

  • Sheepadoodle temperament and personality

Being a mixed breed, Sheepadoodle puppies nc may inherit various characters from both parents. German shepherds are big, intelligent, and loyal dogs. They are really courageous and are quite easy to train. They are faithful, good-mannered, and quite obedient.The Sheepadoodle inherits their obedience and aloof manner. However, they are not aggressive but even highly protective of loved ones.

On the other hand, the standard poodles were originally hunting dogs and were bursting with energy. They are also lively, smart, and obedient. They also require much attention from their owners and may need early training to learn to socialize. The mixture of two intelligent breeds birth a smart, active, and alert Sheepadoodle filled with much energy.

  • Size, Color, and Coat type of the Sheepadoodle

Most Sheepadoodle puppies for sale are mini or miniature Sheepadoodle and are of average height and weight ranging from 35-45 pounds. There is also a smaller version that comes from the breed with a toy poodle, and they generally have a weight of 35 pounds or less and are more expensive. Another thing you should know is that their coat varies. Some are straight, curly, or wavy and medium length.

Their pattern depends largely on which of their parents have the dominant gene. If the poodle has the dominant gene, it results in a puppy with a significant coat and color pattern. If it’s the German shepherd with the dominant gene, you can expect patches or a cream, bronze, and black mixture.

  • Sheepadoodle price

Sheepadoodle are very pricey, especially when it’s a mixture of a german shepherd and standard poodle. However, most Sheepadoodle owners will agree that these intelligent and beautiful dogs are worth the price. They are full of energy and obedient. The price of a Sheepadoodle puppy may range from $1000 – $3000 depending on the breeding company and the kind of traits you’d like your Sheepadoodle to have. You can search online for the Sheepadoodle puppies nc.

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