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Studio layout: 5 inspirations to reproduce

Do you want to create an optimized studio layout? Discover the best ideas to create a functional space that suits you. So you can create a modern studio for any budget.

An ideal student studio layout to create a unique space

The layout of a studio is important because it is thanks to it that the space is optimized. Indeed, it allows the person who lives in it to feel comfortable and confident. It is therefore essential to create a small pleasant space for the student.

Create a cocoon in your studio layout

The cozy cushions

Arrange a few throw pillows in your space. This adds a cocooning spirit to your interior. Indeed, the soft cushions bring a cozy touch much appreciated in this type of space. You can bet on colorful cushions for a more sparkling style in your studio. For a more neutral and warm spirit, bet on warm colors. You can opt for cushions in accumulation that will make your sofa more comfortable.

The keys of light

Lights are the cocooning essential. You can place them in several places in your student studio decoration. Indeed, they adapt easily to different supports. You can place a string light in your space to add a touch of light. It is also possible to add large table lamps if you have enough space. Place small lamps on your furniture to create light accents in your space. You can add a few touches of color by betting on colored and neon lights as well.

The decorative canopy

You can create a cocooning space thanks to the canopy. Indeed, it allows to bring a touch of relaxation. Also opt for a bed higher than the rest of the room to separate the spaces.

The black metal canopy brings a contemporary or industrial touch to your interior. You can also choose a wooden canopy that brings a charming or ethnic touch.

An optimized studio thanks to storage

The studio layout requires optimizing the space. It is important that each place can be used to the maximum because it is often small spaces. You can add wall storage to free up floor space. It is possible to make them to measure.

The bed often takes up a lot of space in your studio, opt for a convertible sofa if you wish. This style of sofa is often not the most comfortable. You can then opt for the bed that can be stored in the wall. It can then be folded up against the wall and therefore take up little space or conversely be unfolded into a bed if necessary. Once your bed is folded up, you have more space to move around, you can even place a table for example.

It is important to place several pieces of furniture in your space because it allows you to store your various belongings. In particular, you can choose single pieces of furniture to put down. Choose materials that reflect your style. Bet on wood for a bohemian style. Colorful furniture is a perfect match for Nordic or vintage style. Furniture in dark colors adapts to the art deco, contemporary or even industrial style.

Bet on recovered objects

Recovered objects to adopt

  • Bet on cement tiles to create a modern headboard with old.
  • A headboard thanks to old repainted shutters.
  • Create a bed with wooden pallets to place underneath, add a mattress and you’re done.
  • Collect different chairs to create a modern dining table with original seats.

How to integrate recycling into your home?

You can add recycled decoration anywhere in your interior. Indeed, you can bet on mismatched chairs found in flea markets or garage sales. It is also possible to bet on headboards made from old shutters or pallets. You can also have small vintage objects in your interior to add a decorative touch.

Vintage lights or lamps are often found in interiors. You can hunt them down to give your objects a second life.

Create multiple rooms with an optimal studio layout

Choose the loft bed

The loft bed is ideal for creating a second room in your studio. You can thus add a separate space, often dedicated to the bed and the sleeping area. This allows you to create an office area below your mezzanine thanks to this space saving.

The decorative office

As seen above, you can add an office area, which is essential in a student studio. So, bet on a simple desk, to be placed in a corner of your room. It is also possible to create an integrated office thanks to custom-made storage, for example.

Create a lounge area

You can add a lounge area to your interior. Bet on a small sofa to integrate and some cushions. You can add a television and some decorations to add a cocooning touch.

Bet on decoration that suits you. For an industrial style, bet on leather and wood furniture, for example. In a Nordic style, play with light wood. Colorful furniture is perfect for a vintage decor.

Separate spaces in the studio

To separate the sleeping area

In order to separate the sleeping area, you can bet on the separation in cleats. You can thus have a tailor-made separation that you can create in the color and shape you want.

It is also possible to opt for a curtain that separates the two spaces, this allows you to create a discreet separation that can also be removed.

Separate the kitchen from the living room

To separate your kitchen from your living room, you can place your dining room table between the two spaces and thus create a visual separation. Bet on the furniture also to separate your spaces. You can bet on a piece of furniture that reflects the decorative style of your interior. You can opt for light wood furniture for a Nordic style or choose colored or neutral metal furniture to create a more vintage style.

Create a separate office space

You can create a separate office space visually thanks to several small tricks. Indeed, you can opt for carpets on the ground that delimit this space. Place your carpet under your desk to delimit this part. It is also possible to separate the spaces thanks to the furniture, once again. Place your piece of furniture next to your desk to create a separate cocooning space. You can bet on the wallpaper at your desktop. Finally, you can arrange your office space in a corner of your studio.

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