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Read This To Know How To Cancel Planet Fitness Membership

Planet Fitness is a well-known chain of fitness centers (it had more than 15 million members as of Walk 2020), however, the franchise has not embraced modern customer service practices, particularly about canceling membership plans.

Rather than allowing you to close your account online or how to cancel Planet Fitness membership, Planet Fitness expects you to visit your home club and address a delegate at the front desk or send a letter using the postal service.

How To Cancel Your Planet Fitness Membership?

You can’t cancel your membership by telephone, through the Planet Fitness website, or even by email.

You just have two authority choices: visiting face-to-face or sending a letter.

How to Cancel Your Planet Fitness Membership In Person

You can go to a nearby Planet Fitness area to stop your subscription. This is the way you can cancel your membership:

ØGo to the Planet Fitness area you generally go to

ØFinish up a cancellation structure

ØSend a cancellation demand letter to the club

Remember that you should offer individual data to have the option of how to cancel Planet Fitness membership.

More specifically, you should offer your name, telephone, address, birth date, email, membership ID, and the last four digits of your Visa related to the account.

On top of that, you ought to provide an assertion of your aim to cancel the membership.

At last, you ought to simply sign the letter and afterward send it to the gym’s location utilizing certified mail. You ought to get an answer soon.

Yet, if you don’t get any, you ought to utilize the Planet Fitness telephone number to call them and check regardless of whether they’ve gotten a letter.

If they didn’t get any letter or on the other hand assuming they discovered a few issues with your certified letter, the best methodology is going to the gym by and by.

  1. How to Cancel Your Planet Fitness Membership?

Planet Fitness is an incredible service, particularly for individuals who love practicing and dealing with their bodies.

In any case, sooner or later, you might decide that the service isn’t ideal for you anymore or perhaps you need to enjoy some time off and set aside cash for different costs.

However, canceling your membership might be very confounding, because Planet Fitness did not consolidate modern practices.

More specifically how to cancel Planet Fitness membership, you should either reach them using the postal service or face to face. This is the way you can cancel your Planet Fitness membership:

  1. How to Cancel Your Planet Fitness Membership by Telephone

how to cancel Planet Fitness membership – to cancel it from the solace of your home, you may be imagining that you can take care of business via telephone. Yet, that isn’t true.

The Planet Fitness Member Services telephone number is (844) 880-7180, and you can call them for different issues.

Sadly, you can’t cancel your Planet Fitness subscription using the telephone. On the off chance that you wish to cancel your membership, you should go to the club by and by.

  1. How to Cancel Your Planet Fitness Membership by Email

Sadly, dropping your Planet Fitness membership by email is absurd. You can mail a letter to them or cancel face-to-face. Email cancellation isn’t a possibility for the time being.

  1. How to Cancel Planet Fitness Utilizing DoNotPay?

It tends to be very difficult how to cancel Planet Fitness membership, particularly to go to the gym physically.

That, however, the cancellation might turn out to be deferred or it might bring about a ton of stress as the methods are very convoluted.

Fortunately, there is one method for working around it, and that is by utilizing the DoNotPay application.

Along these lines, you will want to cancel the membership without going through all the disappointing cancellation techniques. This is the way you can cancel Planet Fitness with DoNotPay:

ØOpen DoNotPay utilizing your web browser

ØThen, at that point, tap on “Track down Hidden Cash”

ØThen, type in “Planet Fitness” to choose the service you wish to cancel

ØWhen the account is canceled, you will get an email from DoNotPay.

How to Respite Your Planet Fitness Membership

Perhaps you would rather not cancel your Planet Fitness account for all time. Maybe you simply need a break from Planet Fitness so you can set aside cash for more significant issues.

Fortunately, Planet Fitness concocted an answer for individuals in this present circumstance. You can stop your membership so you don’t need to close it for good.

Along these lines, your account will simply be waiting and you will want to focus on different things, then return to your Planet Fitness membership later.

Generally, clubs will allow you how to cancel Planet Fitness membership on hold for as long as 90 days because of reasons connected with medical issues.

However, not all clubs work in something very similar, and they might have various principles.

Thus, before you request a delay, you ought to contact customer service where you have your subscription.

Reaching customer service for this matter should be possible by going to the area yourself or by calling the club.

How to Upgrade/Downsize Your Planet Fitness Membership?

A choice you have with your Planet Fitness membership is to upgrade or downsize it.

To do an account minimize, you should go to the Planet Fitness area you have a membership. This will permit you to converse with somebody at the front desk regarding your account.

Be that as it may, assuming that you need a membership update all things being equal, you don’t need to go to a Planet Fitness area.

You can essentially do it online. It very well may be finished by opening your browser and getting to the Planet Fitness Upgrade webpage.

Then, at that point, you should simply adhere to the directions you get. To finish the whole cycle, your Planet Fitness Keytag will be required.

You can likewise do this at the front desk face to face assuming that it’s more advantageous.

Will You Get Discounted In The Wake Of Cancelling The Planet Fitness Membership?

Even though you can cancel a functioning Planet Fitness membership, it is vital to realize that you won’t have a fair amount of money returned after the cancellation.

Regardless of whether you make a point to cancel right off the bat in the charging cycle, Planet Fitness won’t offer a discount.

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What Occurs with the Planet Fitness Membership During COVID?

The pandemic is capricious, and some Planet Fitness areas might wind up shutting down for social separating and well-being reasons.

For this situation how to cancel Planet Fitness membership, you ought to know that assuming you have a Planet Fitness subscription, it will be frozen automatically when the gym is shut due to the Covid circumstance.

In this way, you won’t be charged for the membership.

When the club reopens, you will be advised. Likewise, you will be told the standards concerning wearing covers and different limitations.

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