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Posh Max 5200 – The King of Disposable Vapes

Posh Max 5200 is the king of disposable vapes. It offers a great combination of convenience and flavor, giving users an enjoyable vaping experience. The device has a slim and compact design that fits easily in your pocket or purse, making it ideal for on-the-go use.

Posh Max 5200 – What is it & how does it work?

The Posh Max 5200 is designed for those who want to switch from smoking cigarettes to vaping. It’s easy to use. The device features pre-filled pods, which come in a variety of flavors. 

Simply insert your chosen pod, and you’re ready to vape! The device also has adjustable airflow, so you can customize the drawing power to suit your preferences. 

It’s lightweight and easy to carry, making it perfect for on-the-go vaping. Posh Max 5200 is powered by a customized 280mAh battery and holds up to 1.5ml of e-liquid. Also, an adjustable airflow system and a patented atomizer with air intake holes allow you to customize your vaping experience.

The device also has a long-lasting battery life, which means you can vape for up to four hours on a single charge. Furthermore, its top-fill design is easy to use and refill. 

Also, the device comes with two coils that run at different wattages – 0.6ohm for regular vaping and 1.2ohm for mouth-to-lung vaping. It comes with pre-filled pods containing either nicotine or non-nicotine liquids that are sealed or ready to use. The powerful 220mAh battery provides up to 500 puffs per charge. It also features an LED indicator light which indicates when the device needs to be recharged. 

How many hits do the posh max 5200 have?

The Posh Max 5200 features a long-lasting battery that can provide up to 5200 hits in total. This means you don’t have to worry about running out of power while vaping. The high-capacity cartridge can hold up to 2ml of e-liquid, giving you plenty of vaping time before needing to refill.

Features of Posh Max 5200:

E-liquid capability:

The capacity of the Posh Max 5200’s cartridge is 2ml, which will provide up to 5200 hits. Because Posh offers a wide range of e-liquid flavors for their users, finding the one that fits your taste and preferences won’t be an issue.

Adjustable airflow:

The adjustable airflow enables you to adjust the drawing power to find your ideal vaping experience. The device also boasts an ergonomic design which makes it comfortable to hold while vaping.


The Posh Max 5200 is lightweight and small enough to fit into most pockets for easy portability. It also includes a USB charging cord and adapter, so you can easily recharge it wherever you go.

Safety features:

The Posh Max 5200 has built-in safety features such as automatic shutoff, short-circuit protection, and low voltage protection to protect against short circuits and overheating, ensuring your vaping experience remains safe and enjoyable.


The Posh Max 5200 can be used with various types of e-liquid, giving you more options when it comes to the flavor profile.

Long battery life:

The Posh Max 5200 has a long-lasting battery lasting up to 5200 puffs on a single charge. This means that you won’t have to worry about recharging your battery often, making it the perfect device for people who are always on the go.

Temperature control:

You can set the temperature control to find the perfect temperature for your vaping experience.

Activated Firing system:

The device has an activated firing system that makes it easy to use. This is a straightforward device, making it very user-friendly for beginners.


Posh Max 5200 is disposable, which means you don’t have to worry about cleaning it or replacing parts. Simply use your device, enjoy it to the fullest, discard it, and buy another one for non-stop vaping fun and excitement.

Puffs for one pen:

The device can provide up to 500 puffs for one pen.

Vapor and flavor:

The Posh Max 5200 produces great vapor, as well as excellent flavor.

5% nicotine:

The device comes with 5% nicotine, making it ideal for those who want to avoid high nicotine concentrations.

Posh Max 5200 – Best flavors

The best vape flavors are all here for you to enjoy! Blue Raspberry Ice is made from the finest ingredients, blended in perfect harmony. 

Grape ice has a sugary flavor that will leave your mouth feeling refreshed and cool on an excursion into summer heat waves, thanks to its refreshing taste.

The Gummy Bear may seem like just another sweet treat, but this e-juice offers something different. It will take you on the journey of all those comfortingly familiar tastes likely found within childhood memories. Its delightful flavor and pleasant aroma create an exciting and unique experience for all who indulge.

Design & Exterior

The design of the Posh Max 5200 Vape Kit is sleek and stylish, with a matte finish and gold accents. The device has an ergonomic design that fits comfortably in the user’s hand, making it very easy to use. It is also lightweight and portable, making it ideal for on-the-go vaping.

The exterior of the Posh Max 5200 Vape Kit is made from high-quality materials that are durable and long-lasting. It also has a built-in battery protection system to ensure your device stays safe while you’re out enjoying your vape experience. 

It also has adjustable wattage and temperature control settings, allowing you to customize your experience according to your preferences. The kit includes two high-performance coils – 0.6 ohms and 1.2 ohms – and a USB charging cable, making it simple to charge your device wherever you are.

The Posh Max 5200 offers convenience, portability, versatility, long battery life, temperature control, safety features, and ease of use, making it the ideal choice for vapers of all levels. With its great features and performance, this device won’t disappoint.

All in all, Posh Max 5200 is an ideal vaping tool for those who want to avoid the hassle of recharging their device over and over again. It is a simple tool with all the advanced vaping features one might want in a personal vaping device. 

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