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Know about rcf share price and reasons of investment

Are you an investor? Do you invest in shares? If you are, you must know about rcf share price. In recent times, many share market investors have been interested to know about the share price of RCF. But do you have any idea about RCF? What is the complete form of RCF?

We will discuss all the basic facts of RCF, but first, let us give you some idea about rcf share price. In the following description, you can understand the fundamental points.

The Brief Details of rcf share price 

Recent Share Price- 107.40 

Earlier Closing- 107.35 

Opening Rate- 107.80

High Rate- 110.15 

Low Rate- 105.60 

VWAP- 107.80

Upper Price- 128.80

Lower Rate- 85.90 

One Year Highest Rate- 144.80

One Year Lowest Rate- 66.70

2 Weeks Average Quantity in Lac- 4.94 

Face Value- 10.00

TTQ in Lac- 2.17

Turnover- 2.34

Mcap Full in Crore – 5,927.89

Mcap FF in Crore- 1481.97 

CEPS (TTM)- 22.28 

EPS (TTM)- 18.66

PB- 1.33 

PE- 5.75 

ROE- 23.19

Genre- In the listed category

Settlement Type- A/ T+1

Index- S & P BSE 500

Industry- Fertilizers

N.B.-The data of details can be changed as per the market cap. We are not responsible for any price or details changes. 

The Buying Market Depth 

As an investor, you should also know about the buying market depth of this share. Let’s check the facts.

Quantity         Price 

403                107.40

1352              107.35

3516              107.30

3413              107.25

6037              107.20 

1,45,428        In Total 

The Selling Market Depth 

Price               Quantity

107.55                 201

107.60                1030

107.65                2978

107.70                1038

107.75                2418 

The Pattern of rcf share price (In Cr.) 

Revenue- 6235.14 (Dec-22), 5575.95 (Sep-22), 12,812.17 (Financial Year 21-22) 

Net Profit- 243.18 (Dec-22), 257.46 (Sep-22), 704.36 (Financial Year 21-22) 

Cash EPS- 5.33 (Dec-22), 5.69 (Sep-22), 16.09 (Financial Year 21-22)

EPS- 4.41 (Dec-22), 4.67 (Sep-22), 12.77 (Financial Year 21-22)

OPM (%)- 7.64 (Dec-22), 7.65 (Sep-22), 9.78 (Financial Year 21-22)

NPM (%)- 3.90 (Dec-22), 4.62 (Sep-22), 5.50 Financial Year 21-22)

Trade Quantity – 2,19,250

Deliverable Quantity in Gross – 66,148

Deliverable Quantity to Trade Quantity (%)- 30.17 

Essential Metrics of rcf share price 

As an investor, you should also know about the critical metrics of the RCF share rate. Let’s check the facts 

PE Ratio- 5.83 

EPS TTM- 18.37

MCAP in Cr.- 5,952.71

Sectional MCAP Rank- 6

PB Ratio- 1.52

DIY Yield- 3.57

Face Value- 10.00

Beta- 1.72

Let’s Know about RCF 

The complete form of RCF is Rashtriya Chemicals and Fertilizers Ltd. It is a very reputed Indian Central Public Organization. It is undertaken by the central government. The main product of the organization is fertilizers and chemicals. The operations of the company are based in Mumbai. It is under the ownership of the Government of India, and the Ministry of Chemicals and Fertilizers is the sole responsible entity for its administrative control. RCF is the 4th largest government-owned company in this country. 

The Historical Facts of RCF 

While you have already discussed its share market and other important facts related to its primary information. You should also know about the historical background of the company. Rashtriya Chemicals and Fertilizers Limited originated in the year of 1978. The organization manufactures complex fertilizers and Urea in large amounts. The organization supports industrial chemicals as well. RCF manufactures the highest amount (4th) urea after NFL, KRIBHCO and IFFOCO. 

The government of India (via the President of India) holds 75 per cent of the share capital in this company (As per the 2018 report).

Know about its Manufacturing Units 

You should also know about the manufacturing units of this company. As per the recent update, the company has two manufacturing units. 

Thal Unit 

This unit is famous for urea production in a wide range. The team is situated 100 km south of Mumbai city. Thal is a township-type unit that is spread across 1200 acres. The department is accredited for Urea, Ammonia, Formic Acid, and Methylamines production. The department has ISO 14001, OHSAS-18001 and ISO 9001 certifications. 

Trombay Unit

This is another unit of this organization. This unit produces Fertilizers, Chemicals. The area of this unit is around 800 acres. The department has ISO 14001, ISO 50001, OHSAS 18001 and ISO 9001 certifications. The main manufacturing products are Suphala, Urea, ANP, Methanol, Nitric Acid, Sulphuric Acid Phosphoric Acid. 

Why do Investors Want to Invest in RCF’s Shares?

If you are an investor, you should know why many investors want to invest in RCF shares. If you check the financial report, you will find many people are interested in buying RCF’s shares. There are specific reasons. And you should know about the cause before you want to invest. 

  • As per the current market ratio, the RCF’s share rose by about 5 per cent. The number is enormous in the share market. For this reason, many investors want to buy and invest in this share. 
  • The second reason is very accurate. Rashtriya Chemical and Fertilizers is owned by the Government of India. It gives trust and value to investors. For this reason, people like to invest in a publicly owned company. 
  • If you check the market, from the last few months, the fertilizers stocks are on the Bullish side. But now the market scenario has changed the situation. The fertilizer and especially the farming sector is expected to rise in the “Rabi” season for the excellent monsoon forecast. For this reason, many investors are already likely to buy more RCF shares. 
  • The NSE percentage of the RCF is nearly 7.55 per cent. It is suitable for the market trends. For the NSE number, it gains the trust of the investors. 
  • Recently, RCF has shown positive trends despite Nifty’s negative tendencies. As per the recent analysis of the experts and government support, the share price of RCF is trending the positive momentum. It is a good sign for investors. 

We hope the article gives you a proper understanding of the rcf share price and its recent market trends. 

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