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Ways to Monitor Internet Connection on Android Mobile?

Different applications on mobile devices require the internet to work. Sometimes even apps that don’t need a connection to function may need data for updates. Tracking your data usage can help you see how much data you generally need and what apps use up most of it.   

Monitoring your Wi-Fi and cellular data can help you choose the most fitting plans. For example, you can choose Spectrum phone deals or offers from other networks based on your needs. Also, if you have a bandwidth limit on your WiFi connection, monitoring data usage can help you manage data usage.   

You can check out different methods to monitor your internet connections in the following:  

How to Monitor Internet Connection on Android

There are two ways you can monitor your internet connection. The first one is to use the option from the Android software and the second is to use third-party applications. Both methods have their own advantages. There are many things you can see straight from the options given in the Android device software. You can see the data usage history and which apps use up most of it. This data can get you insights into your internet needs.   

In contrast, third-party apps allow you to track the usage on your complete WiFi network in addition to your Android device. Also, you can track the signal strength, network speeds, and ping on the connection. So, such apps significantly extend your network monitoring capabilities. You can check out methods to monitor data both with and without third-party Android apps.   

Tracking Network Usage Straight from Android OS  

Checking your WiFi and cellular data on Android devices is super simple. You can follow the step-by-step process and check data usage within a minute.   

Steps to Check Cellular Data  

Follow the steps mentioned below to view your cellular data usage:   

  • Open the settings app on your Android device.   
  • Select the network and internet option.   
  • Click on the settings option against the network name.   
  • A graph with your used data and apps with the data will appear on your screen.   

Often Android devices have another OS on top of your base android software. So, the options may appear in a different order. However, another way to check data usage is to use the search bar within the settings app. Search for data usage and you click on the result. It will take you to the same screen as the steps mentioned.   

Steps to Check WiFi Usage  

Take the following easy steps to check your WiFi usage:   

  • Click on the settings app on your Android device.   
  • Press the network and internet tab.   
  • Select the WiFi tab.  
  • Choose the “Non-operator data usage” option.   
  • Check your data usage from the graph on the screen.

As with the case of cellular data, you can directly check the data usage by searching “non-operator data usage” on the search bar provided in the settings app.

Tracking Network Usage from Third Party Apps

Third-party apps can get you much more detailed insights into your network usage beyond your device. You can even see the IP addresses of connected devices from these apps which can help you restrict unauthorized access. The interface of these apps is generally similar to each other. Also, the interface of these apps is generally intuitive and easy to get used to.

However, it is best to install trusted network monitoring apps from the Google Play Store app. Here are a few apps you can try for monitoring your network:

Fing – Network Tools

Fing is a popular network monitoring tool you can download from the Play Store. It is free to use and does not have any special requirements. This app shows your network quality, bandwidth data usage, and also identifies issues for better network performance. The app takes a step further by offering you details of the connected devices like their IP addresses and models. This way you can decrease the unwanted load from the network for better speeds.

PingTools Network Utilities

PingTools is another app that monitors your network. Like Fing, PingTools also gets you a detailed analysis of your network. You can check detailed network stats continuously. There are some bonus features that differentiate PingTools from other apps like its wake-on network function. It is also available on Play Store and is free to use.

By using in-built data monitoring options and third-party apps together, you can have a 360 network monitoring. Therefore, it is best to leverage both options to get the most detailed stats on network, usage, total users, and much more.

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