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DrChrono Announces New Features For Revenue Cycle Management

DrChrono is a digital health technology company based in the United States. It offers a software and billing service platform for the healthcare industry. The company offers both Web-based and cloud-based apps for its healthcare customers. These include a personal health record (PHR) for each patient and revenue cycle management tools.

OnPatient Personal Health Record

The OnPatient personal health record is an electronic medical record (EMR) application that allows patients and healthcare providers to communicate online. The system makes managing patient health records easier and more convenient. It also offers secure messaging, online scheduling, and access to health information. It can be used on any internet-enabled device, including iOS.

DrChrono EHR has received $12 million in venture capital funding to expand its telehealth efforts. The company is a leader in mobile technology for healthcare providers. As such, it makes a great complement for EverCommerce. The company offers several products that are useful to doctors, nurses, and patients.

The DrChrono OnPatient personal health record software is available in a desktop and mobile application. It’s available on iOS and Android devices. Aside from the health records, the DrChrono mobile application also allows patients to schedule appointments and pay. The application also has a message section for direct messaging with Dr. Brown. It allows one photo per message and offers easy sharing.

DrChrono is an EHR solution with a host of customization options for physicians and patients. It has a clear and easy-to-use interface and integrates the billing component directly into the clinical chart. This means less error and higher reimbursement rates.

Customizable appointment scheduling suite

DrChrono is an online application that allows doctors to create custom appointment schedules and manage patient records. It has built-in telehealth capabilities, so doctors don’t need to worry about downloading special apps or setting them up. This tool even lets doctors schedule appointments on their mobile phones. However, DrChrono supports only iOS devices.

In addition to appointment scheduling, DrChrono’s appointment management suite features real-time insurance eligibility checks. This means that if a patient is uninsured, a doctor can still schedule a patient’s appointment through the system. In addition, DrChrono is HIPAA-compliant, which makes it even more secure.

Other features include e-prescriptions and patient charts, and billing. It also allows doctors and staff to access patient records on Apple smart devices. This is particularly useful for small offices. It also includes a mobile app that lets doctors and staff access their EHR from anywhere. This means doctors can edit patient records, check e-prescribing and more, without having to leave the office.

Overall, DrChrono’s software is easy to use and offers great value for medical practices. It can simplify the billing process, save time, and ensure accuracy. It even comes with an eRx feature that can reduce drug reactions for patients. However, users have complained about the poor customer service and pricing structure.

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Revenue cycle management tools

Drchrono Inc., an industry leader in EHR and practice management, has recently announced new features and functionality for its Revenue Cycle Management (RCM) software module. The new tool helps improve cash collection, improve payer performance, and reduce days in accounts receivable. The software also provides weekly reports and business intelligence insight. This makes revenue cycle management easier and saves time for medical professionals.

DrChrono’s RCM solution streamlines the process for collecting payments from patients. It includes automated eligibility checks and alerts about co-pays and deductibles, as well as verifying pre-authorizations for procedures. Additionally, the software streamlines claims collection and ensures timely payments.

DrChrono’s billing solution also comes with medical billing functionality and revenue cycle management tools. By integrating with the Apollo Plus billing software, this tool allows clinicians to view lab results and prescriptions. Moreover, DrChrono provides dedicated support and online training sessions for all users. It also has an online help center for those who need help.

Revenue cycle management tools can automate complex financial tasks and increase practice profitability. With proper billing and patient tracking, RCM software ensures timely payments and maximizes revenue.

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