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Container desiccant usage for your packages

All the companies that send their product to their homes must take into account both the aesthetics of their packages and the packaging filling. We teach you the importance of protecting the inside of a package and how you should do it.

Moisture-wicking sachets

Moisture-proof bags, also known as moisture absorbers or desiccant bags, are products whose function is to protect the goods inside the packages. They go in the padding of the packaging, especially when cardboard boxes are used.

How do they work, and what are they?

The name of this product already drops what they are. They are a product whose main function is to absorb all the environmental humidity, preventing the package interior from possible damage that humidity might cause.

Very often, you can find them in packages containing clothing or food. Moisture absorbers significantly improve the conditions in the transport of your products. Therefore, it is highly recommended to use them to safely prevent your shipments from corrosion and moisture. They exist both in small sizes (they are the most common) and in large sizes.

The main characteristic of a moisture absorber is its drying property. This property is granted thanks to the two minerals of which it is composed, silica gel and clay. They are responsible for leaving the inside of your packages dry and safe from moisture.

All you have to do is place one or more (this already depends on how big the product is that goes inside the cardboard boxes) bags of clay or silica in the packing filler inside your packages. These bags will become the ones in charge of absorbing all the humidity of the package in which they are placed.

It’s important to note that depending on what it is composed of (as we have said before, silica or clay), the bags will have some properties or others, which we will describe below.

Silica gel

This gel is the most used today. This is due to two main reasons. The first is that its drying power is very high. The silica balls in the anti-moisture bag leave the packages completely dry. The second is that silica gel is excellent value for money.

Container desiccant containing silica are highly recommended, especially in cases where the products with which they are traded and shipped are clothing, pharmaceutical, food or electronic products.

The gel composed of this material is non-toxic and high-performance. In summary, we are discussing a desiccant solution suitable for the most common cases and at a very good price.

Clay, the wonder of anti-corrosion

In addition to gel, a desiccant can have clay. This not only helps to dry but also prevents corrosion.

It is widely used for the food industry, mechanics and maritime transport.

The clay is 100% natural and non-toxic.

Advantages of container desiccant

Moisture-proof envelopes effectively prevent rust, corrosion, dust caking and moisture. In addition, placing them in the filling of the food packaging helps to preserve them.

In addition to their high value for money and fantastic function of absorption and maintenance of the merchandise, they are reusable.

This can be done very easily. You place the bags inside a container and heat them between 120 ºC and 150 ºC for an hour. The bags will regain all of their absorbent properties.

In the end, we can say that there is no higher praise for filling the packaging of your packages than container desiccant.

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