custom CBD dab boxes


custom CBD dab boxes

Do you want to stand out at the cannabis stores? Order CBD dab boxes in tuck ends, tuck fronts, and window boxes. Best quality. Low price. Get a free quote.

Get custom CBD dab boxes in any material, size, style, color, or quantity. Order CBD dab boxes wholesale and get exclusive print and packaging services at economical rates. Place your orders and stand out in the market with eye-catching printing, unique box styles, and eco-friendly packaging. Request a free quote today!

Triple your sales with custom-printed CBD dab boxes.

We have great news for vape brands! Do you want to give your customers a memorable vaping experience? Get your hands on CBD dab boxes. The high-quality packaging protects the CBD wax, dab, and concentrates from harmful environmental factors. In addition, durable packaging protects the dab jars or containers from shattering or cracking. It keeps the jars safe during transit or stacking. In other words, it offers great value for money, and the customers get the best quality ever.

Cardboard vs kraft CBD dab boxes:

Custom boxes are the foundation of your brand. Therefore, it needs to be attractive, durable, functional, and eco-safe. It should have all the qualities to make it stand out at the cannabis dispensaries. For that, the quality of the substrate is the most important factor. At Customboxeszone, we offer corrugated, rigid, kraft, and cardboard. But for CBD dab boxes, Kraft and cardboard are the best. Let us see what makes the best packaging material.

Easy to customize:

Kraft and cardboard are easy to customize. You can order custom-printed dab boxes in any size or style. However, cardboard has an edge when it comes to unlimited customization. If you want color variation, surface laminates, and finishes, cardboard is the best. It is more versatile as compared to kraft.


Cardboard and Kraft are foldable boxes. It takes less storage space; hence, bulk quantities can be shipped and placed at the warehouse. There is no space or cost issue.

Earth-friendly packaging:

Both substrates are decomposable, reusable, and recyclable. Thus, it significantly cuts material, printing, clean-up, and labor costs. Overall, it reduces the carbon footprint, preserves biodiversity, and balances the ecosystem.

What are the best packaging styles for custom CBD dab boxes?

Do you want to revamp your packaging game?Choose us, explore our creative box styles, and take your dab box packaging to the next level. Let us get started.

Tuck end boxes: Here, we have straight and reverse tuck end styles. The bottom and top flaps provide top-notch protection for CBD dab jars. Besides, the dust flaps keep it safe from dirt, dust, and moisture. Moreover, the boxes are flat-shipped, handy, affordable, and space-saving.

Die-cut boxes: Want to add a bit of style to your boxes? Die-cut designs or patterns are good to go. Craft any shape and give your customers an overview of the dab jars or containers. Next, you can seal the die-cut design with the PVC sheet. The transparent sheet secures the packaging and protects it from tampering. Last but not least, it makes the boxes eye-catching as well. Hence, it is an incredible box style.

Countertop display boxes: This box is a must-have! Its structural design and aesthetic appeal make it special. It is portable, and you can place it anywhere at the cannabis stores. Brands prefer it because it enhances product visibility and gives easy access to the product.

Customized stickers: There are numerous ways to upscale your dab box packaging, and stickers are one of them. It is a piece of Kraft or cardboard paper glued to the box. It is a unique, affordable, and eye-catching style. You can print the brand or product details and transform them into an advertising box.

Premium-quality CBD dab boxes

Let us visualize the packaging. It is a foldable, one-piece box. It could be a tuck-end or tuck-front style. Whether it's a plastic or glass dab jar or container, durable packaging is a must-have. So, how can we make boxes sturdy and long-lasting? Besides quality material, surface coatings and inserts are of prime importance.

Gloss or matte coating: It is a thin plastic sheet applied all over the CBD dab boxes. It enhances the shelf life of the boxes and makes them resistant to damage, stains, spills, and scratches. Surface laminates and coatings make the box extra strong and durable. Not to forget, it improves the aesthetics of the packaging as well. Sounds great!

Custom inserts: Have you placed the dab jars in the box? That's not enough! The next step is to add inserts for an extra cushioning effect. The cardboard, kraft, or foam inserts make the CBD dab boxes shock-, pressure-, and temperature-resistant. It extends the shelf life of the boxes. Hence, it's capable of withstanding extreme conditions, rough handling, or bumpy roads. The best part? Inserts are versatile organizers and can be customized in any color, shape, or design.

100% customer satisfaction is guaranteed!

Whether you order large, small, plain, or colored boxes, you get the best quality. The boxes are customized according to your requirements. There is no color, size, or quality issue. Our printing team designs the dab box packaging as per the quotation form. Moreover, we have advanced machinery, software, and cutting tools to fulfil your orders. Tell us what you want, and we will bring your packaging to life!

Customized dab boxes wholesale

Every brand wants its product to shine in cannabis stores. Therefore, they want error-free, visually attractive, and functional packaging at the lowest possible price. Despite inflation, we provide quality packaging without costing the earth. We offer various deals and discounts to cater to small and large-scale brands. Order customized dab boxes wholesale and enjoy volume discounts. As the order size increases, the price per box decreases.

Minimum order quantity policy

We value our clients and offer amazing services under one umbrella. We offer quality over quantity. Therefore, if you order a minimum or bulk quantity, you get excellent quality. We are here to facilitate your business without going overboard. Order the minimum order quantity and start your business by ordering only 100 boxes. It is a budget-friendly deal and works best for startup brands.

We keep our word!

We are a trustworthy packaging company based in the USA. We have earned immense success, popularity, and clients' trust within a short time. Without a doubt, the credit goes to our passionate and experienced team on board. They leave no stone unturned and give it their best shot to satisfy the customers. Regardless of the box quantity, color, size, or printing, you get 10/10 quality. No matter how much time it takes, our QA team thoroughly checks the CBD dab boxes and ensures they are customized as per your requirements.

Why choose us?

Customboxeszone is the one-stop solution for all your needs. We provide free digital support, quick turnaround, endless customization, and effective customer support service. Choose us and connect with our team via phone (+1-800-203-6657) or email ( Send us your queries, feedback, or design samples and get an instant response from our sales representatives. We are experienced, and everything is at our fingertips. Contact us and get an effective packaging solution.

Most importantly, we offer efficient services to our clients across the USA. We deliver rush and standard orders within 8 and 12 business days. There is no delay from our side. Share with us the drop-off location, and we will deliver the custom CBD dab boxes to your doorsteps.

Choose Customboxeszone as your print and packaging partner and get efficient, reliable, and hassle-free shipping services. We offer 100% free shipping (no set-up fees or hidden tariffs). You only have to pay for the customization. That's it!