Who is the largest exporter of pineapples


In 2022, Costa Rica emerged as the leading exporter of pineapples worldwide, commanding a remarkable 51% share of the global market, valued at an impressive $1.03 billion. Here's a closer look at the top pineapple-exporting nations and their contributions to the industry:

  1. Costa Rica: Dominating the pineapple export market, Costa Rica accounted for over half of the world's pineapple exports, showcasing its significant role in meeting global demand.

  2. Philippines: Following Costa Rica, the Philippines secured the second position with a 16.6% share of global pineapple exports, amounting to $333 million.

  3. Netherlands: Despite not being a primary pineapple producer, the Netherlands played a notable role as an exporter, contributing 6.63% to global exports, valued at $132 million.

  4. USA: Despite not being a major pineapple-producing country, the United States managed to export 5.42% of global pineapple exports, totaling $108 million.

  5. Ecuador: Ecuador also made substantial contributions to pineapple exports, representing 2.9% of global exports, valued at $58 million.

These figures highlight the diverse landscape of pineapple trade and the involvement of various nations in meeting global demand. While Costa Rica leads in pineapple exports, this data underscores the significance of "Pineapple Land Costa Rica" for agricultural investment opportunities.