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New City Paradise



New City Paradise is a new mega housing Society that covers 4256 Kanal and is PHATA-approved. Besides, the New City Wah developers have created this mega-development. The developers have developed it on a 330-foot G.T. road. Moreover, it is next to the CPEC route and the Burhan interchange. It also near the M1 Motorway.

Thus, it not only provides buyers with golden investment opportunities at low prices. But it also gives buyers a peaceful living in a classy housing community.

All investors know that plots are for sale at the lowest cost. Compared to other societies. Also, The society provides 5 Marla plots for sale for just 18 lacs. In contrast, other Societies offer 5 Marla 60 lacs for each 5 Marla plot. Furthermore, the Society guarantees good investment returns in two to three months if buyers now reserve the plots.
Reservations are being taken even before the official release. The event will occur in the fourth quarter of 2022, from October 1st to December 31st. Moreover, Pakistani and overseas customers are welcome to join the event.

Owners and Developers New City Paradise

The developers of New City Wah are also the New City Paradise developers and owners. Moreover, Chaudhary Qamar zaman and Mr. Saad zaman are the CEOs of this entire project. They also control New City Paradise operations.

Also, a group of people with years of experience in the relevant industry are working on this project. Making them competent and dedicated to their work. As a result, the ideas and performance of the task are efficient. Also, it offers facilities of world-class quality at reasonable rates.


So, the developers have ensured the residents enjoy the finest quality of life. In addition, of the best technologically-operated sustainable elements. Further, the developers have a check and balance system to ensure the highest quality in the building process.


Previous Projects

The developers have demonstrated excellent professionalism and high-quality outputs. Moreover, they offer the best projects to the customers. Also, they divided these projects into two phases. Besides, the construction of the Societies is according to global standards.

New City Wah Phase 1

The Society offers a wide variety of apartment buildings and business spaces. Ideal for those looking to improve their living. Moreover, the owners have fulfilled their promises to develop and construct the phase 

The features and conveniences are also like international standards. In addition, the prices in New City Paradise are highly affordable and convenient to pay. Therefore, it allows more people to afford the properties.

New City Wah Phase 2

There will be thirteen blocks that make up the neighborhood. The majority of the buildings on each block are homes. Thus, people seek long-term investment options. They will find many quality plots for sale in New City Wah phase 2. But all future buyers might do well in this area if they contact Al Sadat  Marketing.

Shopping Mall of New City Arcade

In the upcoming New City Phase 2, you can find the modern shopping center known as New City Arcade. The developers have selected the site because of its status. Also, it will feature cutting-edge architecture and serve as the best social meeting place.

The Avalon

New City Developers has done it again with Avalon Plaza. The place is perfect for setting up shop and making a profit. It occupies a central spot in the heart of Rawalpindi. As a result, the city’s residents can enjoy its low-priced commercial services.

Business Square

It is a landmark building in New City Phase 2 that serves many purposes and is the work of New City Developers. There are stores, restaurants, cafes, and open-air lounges from all over the world. Also, Business Square is near the Society’s primary commercial road.

NOC Status of New City Paradise

Customers can invest in a Society that has been certified by the NOC. Also, making it a legal and Smart choice. Furthermore, PHATA has approved the New City Paradise NOC. Therefore, registration number DG-PHATA/W-I/PHS/61/2022.

The developers are working on getting the NOC for 20,000 Kanal. However, PHATA has authorized the New City Paradise NOC for only 4,256 Kanal. The management is working hard to get other applicable NOCs from the authorities.


And it’s essential to do so if you want to win the trust and business of buyers and financiers. Moreover, the worth of such real estate and housing projects rises over time. Therefore, this investment here will be profitable over a long time.

Location Map of New City Paradise

The location map of New City Paradise is next to the CPEC Road and the Burhan Interchange. The M-1 Motorway is also near. Furthermore, all of these are accessible by the nearby 330-foot G.T. Road. The main road of Society is 250 feet wide, facilitating easy access.


The society’s location is close to the M1 Isb-Pes Motorway. It’s also not more than a half-hour drive from the Burhan Interchange. Moreover, it is close to Rawalpindi’s Old Wah City and is accessible from the city’s central G.T. Road.


Society is close to multiple economic zones. The new payment plan’s convenient location is one of the main motivating factors behind its introduction. The payment plans in New City Paradise vary in price based on the area and extent of the plots available.


New City Paradise Access points

The developers have developed this community in the ideal locality. Some of the access points are Positioned at G.T. Road


  • Few minutes from Burhan Interchange
  • 2 minutes’ drive away from M-1 Motorway
  • 10 minutes straight drive away from Hazara Motorway
  • 10 minutes from New City Wah
  • 15 minutes distance from Brahma Jhang, Bahtar Interchange
  • 18 minutes away from the twin cities Interchange
  • 20 minutes drive from New Islamabad Airport
  • 22 minutes from the Quaid Avenue
  • 25 minutes distance from M-2 Motorway
  • 26 minutes away from Jhang Bahtar Road
  • 36 minutes from Thalian Interchange

New City Paradise Nearby Sites and Landmarks

  • There are many famous sites near the New City Paradise Location. Some of the Sites are Burhan Interchange
  • Karma City
  • Twin Cities
  • Wah City
  • New City Arcade
  • Taxila City
  • Wah Cantt
  • Pakistan Ordinance Factory, Wah
  • UET University Wah
  • Wah Gardens
  • Model Town, Wah
  • M-1 Motorway
  • Hassan Abdal
  • POF Golf Club
  • M-2 Motorway

New City Paradise Master Plan

The developers and trained professionals have prepared New City Paradise’s master plan. Experts in architecture, engineering, and city planning make up the team. Moreover, the team has planned nearly 20,000 kanals of land for the New City Paradise master plan.

However, the relevant authority has only approved 4,256 kanals so far. The team has included everything from basic conveniences to the finest comforts in the project.


The administration has not yet developed a graphic master plan. But they have made the plot measurements and pricing available.

Furthermore, developers want to protect the natural environment. So, they aim to build a pleasing civilization. Therefore, future residents of society can expect to enjoy a peaceful, eco-friendly, and natural setting.

Plots for sale in New City Paradise

The developers have planned many plots in various sizes. These have a full range of amenities. Moreover, all buyers will soon get access to the master plan specifics. But in the meantime, these facts are all we know about residential properties.5 Marla

  • 5 Marla
  • 10 Marla
  • 1 Kanal

New City Paradise Payment Plan

The developers offer convenient and manageable New City Paradise payment plans at a price everybody can afford. At Al Sadat Marketing, customers may now reserve land in New City Paradise.


There is no doubt that the property prices will be reasonable and fair for buyers. However, other societies’ rates are three times as compared to New City Paradise. The rates here are low. However, if people make investments now, they will see significant returns. The platter deal is another option; it gives customers a bunch of plots all at once.


Society developers have also offered instalments. Also, it’s an affordable and desirable option for buyers. In addition, customers can choose between 36 monthly payments or four semiannual payments. But, all buyers will have to pay a processing fee.


The details of the New City Paradise 2023 payment plans are.

  • New City Paradise residential plots payment plansThe 3.5 Marla plots for sale in New City Paradise costs Rs 1,295,000/-. Also, the booking and confirmation price is Rs 150,000/- each. With 36 monthly installments of Rs 13,750/- and four half-yearly installments of 50,000/-. In addition, the balloting and allotment charges are 150,000/- each.
  • The 5 Marla plots for sale in New City Paradise costs Rs 1,975,000/-. Also, the booking and confirmation price is Rs 245,000/- each. With 36 monthly installments of Rs 21,538/- and four half-yearly installments of 74,500/-. In addition, the balloting and allotment charges are 205,000/- each.
  • The 10 Marla plots for sale in New City Paradise costs Rs 3,700,000/-. Also, the booking and confirmation price is Rs 463,750/- each. With 36 monthly installments of Rs 39,369/- and four half-yearly installments of 158,800/-. In addition, the balloting and allotment charges are 360,000/- each.
  • The 1 kanal plot for sale in New City Paradise costs Rs 7,000,000/-. Also, the booking and confirmation price is Rs 873,750/- each. With 36 monthly installments of Rs 74,205/- and four half-yearly installments of 385,275/-. In addition, the balloting and allotment charges are 520,000/- each.

Development Status


The developers are doing rapid development of the New City Paradise. Also, constructors have created a significant portion of the surrounding land. Therefore, a fast development procedure is currently underway.

The developers have also started work on the remaining part of the site. The following are some of the anticipated vital New City Paradise activities that developers will soon finish in a short amount of time.

  • Mosques
  • Main Boulevard
  • Linear Park
  • Street Lights
  • Link Roads
  • Smart Homes
  • Operational Tube Wells
  • Plot Cuttings
  • Overhead Tanks
  • Site and Marketing Office

Latest News of New City Paradise

The developers have recently updated the New City Paradise payment plan for 2023. For more information, contact Al Sadat marketing or visit the Society webpage.

Allotment Certificate of New City Paradise

Check back regularly for updates on the New City Paradise Allotment Notification. In addition, papers of allotment for housing and business plots can collect by the New City Paradise administration.

New City Paradise Possession

The possession policies revealed for the plots in New City Paradise are constantly updated. Also, this information was shared with our esteemed clients.

Transfer procedure in New City Paradise

Contact Al Sadat Marketing or visit the New City Paradise website.A No Demand Certificate will have submitted with the transfer request

  • Original membership document
  • CNIC photocopies
  • Next of kin CNIC photocopies
  • Latest photographs
  • Membership form of the buyer
  • Affidavit of the buyer & seller
  • Undertaking by the buyer
  • General Power of Attorney

Membership Form of New City Paradise

Anyone can get the membership form from the official administration of the housing society. Also, buyers can contact Al Sadat Marketing to find out more information.

Registration Form of New City Paradise

Anyone can also get the New City Paradise Registration Form by calling the help center of the Society or getting in touch with Al Sadat Marketing.

Development Charges of New City Paradise

We strongly suggest that buyers contact the New City Paradise Customer Support Center to obtain information regarding the development fees. Also, It is essential to focus on the fact that the builders have decided to incorporate the development fees into the payment plan.

Amenities and Services

All the modern conveniences and comforts necessary are present in New City Paradise. In addition, the Society has a variety of amenities that make it an excellent place to put money. The ultimate goal of New City Paradise is to become a self-contained community. Additionally, its citizens never have to leave the area for necessities.


In addition, all these services are at affordable prices. This Society’s amenities are essential for developing a residential area. This Society will have some benefits that will provide residents with a high standard of living.


Eco-Friendly Society

Society will have more greenery and calm due to tree-planting plans. Plus, their method of restriction will be in line with global norms. So, having a minor environmental impact will also aid in slowing global warming. These features combine to make this Society the finest option for investment.

Basic Facilitie