Heavy Duty Trucks For Demanding Industrial Purposes


Heavy-duty trucks meet the rigorous demands of industrial operations for transporting raw materials or hauling heavy equipment. Also, models like BharatBenz tipper or Tata trailer truck support the businesses of fleet owners. 

Moreover, their body framework is able to cope with challenging environmental conditions and endure more load. Also, they ensure impressive performance in demanding industrial settings. Continue reading the blog to know how much these models are capable of providing efficient last-mile deliveries. 

Tata Signa 4018.S Trailer

If you're searching for an affordable trailer, then it's the Tata Signa 4018.S model, which is mostly preferred in industrial regions. Also, this trailer is well-liked by already having customers because of its Cummins 5.6 L engine. It is not only fuel efficient but also dependable for various business purposes. Moreover, it can handle heavy loads at a payload capacity of 27000 kg. Meanwhile, the wheelbase of 3320 mm promotes highly balanced and stabilized drive on flyovers. The fuel tank of 365 liters makes the model all-purpose for commercial needs. The Tata Signa truck comes within the price range of Rs. 33.42 and Rs. 40.42 Lakh.

BharatBenz 2823C Tipper

The BharatBenz tipper has an OM926 engine delivering great 240 HP output for overall driving performance. Also, this tipper is favorable not just for waste management but also for industrial purposes. Moreover, with an overall weight in GVW of 28000 kg, this model is capable of a 16600 kg payload. It helps the driver to drive through the rugged roads easily during intercity cargo transportation. Additionally, the wheelbase of 4275 mm ensures a stabilized ride on flyovers and hilly regions. The giant fuel tank of 215 litres in this tipper promotes continuous trips for efficient transportation. The Bharatbenz tipper price is suitable for the potential customers at the given price range of Rs. 37.80 and 42.08 Lakh.