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Beauty Blogs in the UK

Hayley Hall is an esteemed beauty expert with an avid following who shares everything from style tips to makeup routines on her blog and YouTube channel. In addition, she regularly provides product reviews as well as seasonal selections to help her followers keep up with all the latest releases.

Pixiwoo sisters have made waves in the beauty blogging scene with their stunning video tutorials and product recommendations, garnering millions of views on YouTube.

Look My Beauty

Look my beauty is all about natural and organic beauty products with her focus on clean beauty. Offering reviews, how-to guides, and trend spotting articles this blogger provides glamour with a conscience.

She loves creating looks for her vlogging audience that reflect current fashion trends and has an interest in anti-ageing skincare routines, as well as tips for hair and nail care as well as tasty healthy recipes on her blog.

Gemma Louise is relatively new to blogging but has quickly amassed an audience across YouTube and social media sites. Her blogs offer tips, reviews and trend analysis.

British Beauty Blogger

Beauty bloggers can be powerful influencers with an extensive reach and genuine affinity for brands; or they could simply be amateur enthusiasts looking to share their passion with like-minded individuals.

No matter if it be makeup tips, product recommendations or skincare advice – their content is relatable and informative. Additionally, they feature videos to give readers a first-hand glimpse at what they are discussing.

Their logo features an understated wordmark which perfectly represents their brand. Furthermore, the website is elegant and sophisticated which adds up to an appealing user experience that complements their wholesome content.

Jane Cunningham

This beauty blogger shares comprehensive product reviews, exciting new makeup launches and helpful hacks with her followers – not to mention lifestyle and travel content that spans across multiple channels.

With an engaged fanbase on both YouTube and Instagram, she provides useful advice and tips related to all things beauty-related – from quick five-minute makeup routines to packing your skincare for international trips – she covers it all!

As a journalist with bylines in both print and online media, she understands what she’s discussing. On her site you will find content focused on Makeup, Skincare, Fragrance, Hair Styles and Nails.

Suzi Bonaldi

Suzie Bonaldi is a UK-based beauty blogger. Her blog and YouTube channel offer makeup tutorials, reviews and other topics related to the beauty industry. Suzie’s site can help you discover new products suitable for your makeup collection!

Content created by her covers fashion, beauty, lifestyle and travel topics. She has amassed a devoted following on social media platforms due to being honest in her reviews of beauty products she reviews.

She provides several helpful tips on how to start and maintain a beauty blog, with advice for developing an individual blogging voice and style.

Hayley Hall

Hayley Hall is widely known online as London Beauty Queen and shares her industry knowledge and must-have products with her loyal following. A beauty blogger that goes beyond fashion and style tips, her blog and YouTube channel also address health and wellbeing matters.

RealTechniques, owned and marketed by Pixiwoo sisters, has garnered millions of views on YouTube; as such, their blog serves as a beauty oasis, with foundation tips and glamorous looks galore available here.

This stunning plus-size blogger shares a message of beauty through happiness and health. Both Instagram and her blog feature her charismatic charm as well as some informative product reviews.

Lily Pebbles

Lily Pebbles is an immensely popular beauty and lifestyle blogger with a vast fanbase. She posts style advice on her blog, as well as videos chronicling her daily life on her self-titled YouTube channel.

She is also co-creator and host of the podcast At Home With…, as well as author of her first book The F Word. As a Birmingham University Marketing and PR graduate she started blogging as part of an educational digital marketing module; but now it has grown into a full-time business venture.

Her minimalist skincare and makeup approach is ideal for anyone wanting to streamline their routine, and she frequently shares her experiences as a new mother – we were especially delighted when she visited Sequoia last year!

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