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How to do keyword Extraction for your website!

Keyword optimization is an integral part of SEO. This free 3 online uncommon keyword extraction tools is a free online application that allows you to extract keywords from web pages. Once extracted, the keywords are listed in the output area and you can save them for SEO analysis.

There are many ways to scrape data from web pages, including using MS Excel’s built-in “Get Data from Web” tool. But in many circumstances, this technique for obtaining data from websites may not be effective. Furthermore, we discovered that we could scrape information from websites like Job Openings. Because of the website’s web design, we can quickly and simply access the web pages and data using VBA on the Find Job Opportunities & Local Listings website. However, how can you extract data from a website with a challenging form when neither the name nor the ID of the button is provided? The information is concealed in multiple tables and, occasionally, nested tables. Here, use a different approach.

One of the biggest challenges in SEO optimization is creating a reliable list of keywords. Keyword research is necessary to create a semantic core and successful website promotion. Our app can significantly optimize your keyword set and help identify the ones you haven’t used yet. You can easily see all the words that a particular page is applying. These terms, words, and phrases can be included in the SEO analysis of your website or in market research. For successful keyword research for your website, collect competitor semantics, and use search suggestions and keys in advertising.

Our browser app works on all platforms including Windows, Linux, Mac OS, Android, and iOS. You do not need to register or install plugins or additional software. Enter any URL, get results, and use keyword lists to improve site optimization. Try it now!

If you want to integrate Keyword Extraction into your app, follow our web scraping technique how to extract data such as words, images, videos, and so on from web pages. Try it anyway โ€“ online or programmatically!

A quick way to keyword extraction from web pages

  • Get the right keywords
  • Simple query generation
  • Save and download the result
  • Improve the SEO analysis of your website

Using keyword research tools to extract keywords from a competitor’s website and then typing that keyword into a search engine to see what results come up is a good approach to finding out what keywords they are using.

How do I extract keywords?

Enter the URL of the web page for which you want to find keywords.
Click the Extract button. The extractor will automatically select all the most frequently used and most important words from the web page. Wait for the operation to complete.
A list with keywords appears in the text box as soon as you check it out.


How do I extract keywords from a web page?
First, you need to add a link to the web page to extract keywords. Then click the “Extract” button. When the process is complete, you will be able to get the result in the text box.

How long does it take to extract keywords?

This app works fast. You can extract keywords in a few seconds.

Can I work on Linux, Mac OS, iOS, or Android?

Yes, you can use Keyword Extraction on any operating system with a web browser. Our application works online and does not require the installation of software.

Sum Up

Now you have the idea about keyword extraction by which you can set your web page in the list of search engines commonly Bing, Ask, Go duck duck, etc.

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