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9 Traditional Dishes On Christmas Dinner Table

1. Turkey

What could be better than a delicious, hot piece of chicken in the dead of winter? It wouldn’t be Christmas if this dish wasn’t on the table: turkey. In the 16th century, explorer Sebastian Cabot brought Turkey to England. Following that, roasted turkey became a popular Christmas dish among the British.

It was so popular that English author Charles Dickens included it in his classic A Christmas Carol in 1843. In 1788, this dish made its way to Australia. And it has gradually become a must-have dish at every Christmas. Nothing beats a delicious, hot piece of chicken in the dead of winter in December. But if you don’t have much time to prepare a Turkey dish, you can always count on Whole Foods’ holiday pre-made dinner.

2. Log cake

People used to have to prepare a large log and burn it for 12 nights during the Yule festival (an ancient Scandinavian festival) to welcome the return of the sun god. People believe that if the tree trunk burns before the festival ends, they will have bad luck.

As a tribute to this tradition, we now have a log-shaped brown chocolate cake every Christmas. White chocolate is also sprinkled on top to represent snow. This cake will undoubtedly take less time to prepare than the traditional Yule log.

3. Mint lollipop

It would be a shame if this candy was not available at Christmas, my friend! These are colorful candies with pink or green twists. Once upon a time, candies were straight and only white. However, around 1670, the captain of the Cologne Cathedral choir attempted to make a candy cane. He gave presents to his shepherds and singers. People added red stripes and mint flavor to the candy in the nineteenth century.

In fact, there are numerous legends surrounding the candy cane’s shape. The most genuine aspect is that white represents Jesus’ purity and holiness. There is also a prominent stripe representing God’s blood. When you turn the stick upside down according to the English alphabet, you will notice that the mint has the shape of the letter J, the first letter of Jesus’ name. Since then, this delicious and fun red-and-white striped candy cane has become a popular Christmas gift for children.

4. Gingerbread

Germany is now the world’s most popular gingerbread country. German artisans invented new ways to decorate gingerbread. Not to mention the construction of a gingerbread house. This concept was inspired by the Grimm brothers’ Hansel and Gretel story. Since then, there have been numerous competitions around the world to build the largest and most beautiful gingerbread house.

The most famous place to make gingerbread is Nuremberg, Germany. The golden, creamy frosting on the Lebkuchen gingerbread is elaborately made. Lebkuchen gingerbread is still available in Nuremberg. It is widely regarded as the world’s most famous gingerbread.

5. Christmas Pudding

A Christmas party would be incomplete without a delicious, greasy pudding. Today’s pudding, on the other hand, is nothing like the old. The pudding was made in the 15th century with plums, wine, finely chopped veal, breadcrumbs, herbs, onions, dried fruits, and spices.

However, by the 16th century, vegetables and meat had gradually been replaced. By the nineteenth century, its composition and flavor were very similar to that of today’s pudding. People also put a few peas or coins in the cake and believe that whoever eats it will have good luck for the rest of the year.

6. Glazed Ham

Glazed ham is ideal for holiday meals and other special occasions. During the last half hour of baking, a simple homemade glaze is brushed onto the ham, adding incredible flavor and creating a sweet, sticky, caramelized coating that your guests will adore.

A succulent, slow-cooked ham glazed with a zesty blend of brown sugar, honey, pineapple juice, and Dijon mustard makes an eye-catching presentation for a holiday spread or special weeknight dinner. This tantalizing glazed ham recipe has the potential to become your new favorite Christmas dish, according to hundreds of home cooks.

7. Classic Meat pie

This dish may not be unfamiliar to many people. However, it is a must-have item at Christmas. Inside the cake is a “bag” of minced meat, fruit, and a little sugar, a little special spice… Many people desire the dish, a heartfelt wish sent to everyone to always be happy and full, just like this pie.

8. Dundee Cake

The traditional Whiskey Dundee cake is a Christmas tradition in Scotland. Christmas in Scotland is synonymous with whisky. This cake is named after the Scottish town of Dundee and the country’s famous whiskey.

Whiskey, which the Scots consider “strong wine,” and dried fruits such as raisins, dried cherries, and almonds must be the main ingredients of the cake. The cake is soft and spongy, with a light sweetness that is suitable for those who do not like sweets.

9. Soups

Soup is a daily staple that, of course, cannot be missed at a Christmas party. The cook will select and prepare the best soup for each family based on their preferences. And why is soup served at a Christmas gathering? Then the answer is that it is an appealing appetizer, and it means that everyone desires good health and success.

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