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My wife has had gastric since her teenage days but nothing too serious that requires her to get constant medication.

But as she get pregnant, her gastric problem Best tablet for gastric problem in India came back and caused her to have this heartburn sensation in the chest and throat, everything to her now taste different and her tongue tasted bitter all the time, and increased amount of acid in her stomach caused her to be ‘gassy’ all the time.

Well according to the doctor this normally happens to most pregnant women (early pregnancy) and usually, it will go away/reduced after the first Trimester. So, as a concerned husband, I did some research on how to reduce the feeling of discomfort caused by gastric and thought I would share it with you guys.

Here’s how we can help them:


  1. Avoid food that can trigger acid build-ups such as oily food, vinegar, some citrus fruits, chocolate, spicy foods, caffeinated products (Coffee, Tea, Cola), carbonated drinks, and anything sour.
  2. Try to eat more regularly with smaller portions. As our wives become pregnant, the content of acid in their stomachs increases and the process of food digestion also become slower thus the reason for lowering the volume of food and best if they munch their food as many times as possible before swallowing to help the food to processed faster reducing the acid buildup.
  3. No ALCOHOL, Period!
  4. Ask them to wear comfortable clothing that didn’t restrict/press their stomach and waist.
  5. Don’t overstress them, this can also cause acid reflux to go wacko!
  6. Drink yogurt-based drinks or milk before sleep.
  7. Try chewing gum after eating. Chewing gum stimulates your salivary glands, and saliva can help neutralize acid
  8. Avoid eating close to bedtime.
  9. Drinking soy milk and barley also helps.
  10. Medication: ALWAYS consult with your gynecologist on what medication that your spouse can take.

How do you know if you should have the Gastric Banding Procedure?

If you have always struggled with your weight despite dieting, and are more than twice your desired weight, then you may be eligible for this new type of gastric bypass surgery.

If your Body Mass Index is higher than 40, or you weigh 100 pounds above the ideal weight for your height, then you are probably a good candidate for this surgery. Nearly a third of American fall into this category, and many are opting to have this new type of surgery as it is far less risky than conventional gastric bypass surgery.

Why you should be concerned about obesity:

There are many health risks associated permanent skin whitening tablets without side effects with obesity which can often be very difficult to detect if they present. Obesity patients often present with cardiovascular problems such as Tachyarrhythmia, heart failure, or an enlarged heart.

Obesity can also be responsible for gastric problems including certain cancers. Women may experience menstrual problems, infertility, or breast cancer, and men can experience hypogonadism (failure of the testes).

There are also many neurological, hormonal, and musculoskeletal problems that can be associated with obesity, as well as the psychological effects it can have on the sufferer. Gastric Banding Surgery, also known as the “Lap Band” is a new and effective way to reduce the desire for, and intake of food without risky and invasive Gastric Bypass Surgery

What are the advantages of having Lap Band Surgery in India?

Gastric banding is preferable in most cases of obesity because it is done laparoscopically. This means that instead of an incision several inches long down the abdomen, the procedure is performed using only a few small incisions, all of which are less than half an inch long. A silicon band is placed around the top of the stomach, reducing its capacity.

The band – and the capacity of the stomach – can be adjusted by your surgeon by injecting or removing a saline solution.

At Indraprastha Apollo Hospitals in New Delhi, India, you can have this procedure performed for up to 30% less than it would cost in the United States.

Dr. Kriplani is an expert in all manner of Gastric procedures, and his practice specializes in the Lap Band procedure.

This a very popular option with US patients who have little or no health insurance, because you can experience quality private medical care before, during, and after your treatment for far less than it would cost in the United States.

After the Gastric Banding procedure, you will experience less discomfort and a faster recovery time than after conventional Bypass surgery.

Your weight should continue to decrease at a stable rate, but the band can be adjusted by your surgeon at any time.

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